Friday, October 13, 2017

Why an SEO Content Audit Is So Important?

It is important to gauge and evaluate the kind of response your content is getting from your target audience. The best way to do it is through SEO Content audit from time to time. A content Audit can help an organization know exactly what is working and what isn't.

In the following article, Thomas Stern talks about how to assess your customer needs along with goals.

How to conduct an SEO content audit

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Google has thrown a ton of changes at marketers over the last few years. From major algorithm updates to voice search, all of these changes follow Google’s ultimate goal of creating the best search experience for its users.

The upshot is that it’s not enough to develop and optimize website content for just search engines anymore. As better language processing has become a major focus for improving search results, your brand’s site content is no longer speaking to search engines alone, but to actual people.

To appeal to both people and search engines, brands must evaluate their site content through an audit process to discover what may (or may not) be working and determine where to improve. A website content audit is the cornerstone of your entire content strategy.

When done right, a content audit helps to determine whether your website content is relevant to not only your brand goals and marketing objectives, but also to the customer’s needs. Audits can identify problems with accuracy, consistency, voice, and tone; they can also provide direction for SEO. Click here to read complete article...

Mind you, a content audit is a tedious task. It takes time and resource. However, it plays an important role in SEO. In the following video, Donna Spencer breaks down how to audit the content of a large website, step by step.

How To Conduct A Content Audit

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It is important that one defines the problem area, Positives, and scope for improvement. In the following video, Stephen Kenwright talks about taking care of content which does not add any value.

How to audit and fix thin content with no value

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Once you've found what content isn't working for you, you can focus on optimizing the pages that are by using a WordPress SEO plugin that makes it easy for you to stand out from your competition.

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